grant donghia

is a current Pennsylvania State University Sophomore in the Donald P. Bellasario College of Communications planning to advance in his career goal of being a DIRECTOR / SHOW RUNNER for film and television.

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Through developing his own craft with independent projects, as well as his work towards his FILM-VIDEO MAJOR AND THEATER MINOR, Grant will stop at nothing to learn more, work more, and experience more.

Through his time working in New York City and interning in production and post production, the dream and goal of making it to the level of artistic craft and physical work that comes with being a director and show runner has only been heightened and is striving him to accomplish more this coming year.

Grant Donghia’s current goal is to push himself even further this summer and challenge himself in the field by obtaining another internship to put him not only in a learning scenario in the field, but to get one step farther to that end goal.